outsourcing Par excellence

We provide marketing and social media services, search engine optimization, data analytics, and a variety of other services. These encompass blogs, white papers, market research, market surveys, brochures, Infographics, and SlideShare presentations.

  • Virtual assistants: Remote social, technical or administrative assistance any time
  • Live chat and telemarketing: Operators experienced in conducting live chat operations or conducting telephone campaigns
  • Search Engine Optimization: Unparalleled team of experts from every SEO specialty area (on-site architecture, content generation, content distribution, and organic link building) who specialize in getting powerful, long-lasting SEO results in virtually every industry
  • Sales and business development: Good communicators with skills in closing sales
  • Marketing and communications: Experts in social media marketing, strategic planning, and corporate communications
  • Customer service and support: Extremely good speakers in English language
  • Blogs, white papers, case studies and research reports: Extremely good English writers and analysts
  • Subject matter experts: Experts with in-depth knowledge in a variety of subjects
  • Preparation of brochures and marketing materials: Use of computer graphics to prepare well-crafted brochures and marketing materials
  • Social media marketing: Knowledgeable and skillful in any kind of social media marketing
  • Developing SlideShare presentations and Infographics: Expertise in developing high-quality SlideShare presentations and Infographics​
  • Accountants and bookkeepers: Tax preparation, accounting and bookkeeping services

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